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Young Carers Benefit From Donation

Gwyn Francis donating to Young Carers in Cardiff

THE VIP LOUNGE ONLINE listeners decided that they would like to do something nice for the younger members of society.

They collected donations and sent them to us.

They stated that as Gwyn Francis, who regularly uses the services of “Cardiff Young Carers” they would like the money to be donated to them.

Gwyn is the world’s youngest radio presenter, broadcasting his program at 6pm UK on both his station “Retro Sound” and “THE VIP LOUNGE ONLINE, repeated on Sundays at 11pm and also aired on “Oldies Funhouse Radio” in the US on Mondays at 7am US Eastern Time.

The pictures shows Gwyn presenting a substantial value in cash of Amazon vouchers to Rachael Sim who leads Cardiff Young Carers, in front of other young carers and volunteers at their latest activity held at Cardiff International Pool and Gym.

Young carers in our society take on so much responsibility helping support parents and other family members with all aspects of day to day living, often without question as they haven’t known any different. Without realising it these children work so hard and sacrifice so much of their childhood.

It is important that these young people get a break from their home situation. Time where they can just enjoy being a child, spending time with other children who understand their family circumstances, so that they can understand that there are other people out there living lives similar to theirs.

This time is often spent doing fun activities like day trips to theme parks, sports events, visits to the cinema and theatre etc.

Young Career Groups also offer outside support to the children. They provide a safe space where the young carer can talk about things such as their concerns, feelings and fears for the future. They can give advice as well as open a pathway to other services that could support the child and wider family.

Here at THE VIP LOUNGE ONLINE, we would like to acknowledge the hard work young carers everywhere do and also thank the many volunteers for caring enough to give their time to support these your people, groups such as Cardiff Young Carers.